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Keyless Entry Protection.

Dflekt is the solution to the Relay Hack affecting cars around the world. With its beautiful design wrapped around a faraday cage the Dflekt home keybox stops your wireless car key/s from emitting a signal which is then boosted by thieves.

Our Mission is Crystal Clear


…we want to eliminate the Relay Hack, the method by which thieves boost your wireless key signal and steal your car from your drive without even coming into your house. It only takes 20 seconds!

DFLEKT was developed through the necessity driving this cause – from the very beginning we sought to battle this crime in 3 very simple calculated ways.

Protection For Everyone

DFLEKT can hold up to 4 sets of keys and their spares for complete peace of mind.


Self-Closing Mechanism

DFLEKT always wants to be closed – this means that you will never accidentally leave your keys unprotected.


Faraday Cage

DFLEKT is made with a 1mm thin aluminium enclosure which creates a very strong faraday cage around the box.  A faraday cage is an enclosure which is typically made of metal. When the box is closed the faraday cage is created which blocks signals entering or leaving the box.


Ease of Use

DFLEKT has been designed so it can be operated with one hand. This means when you enter your house it’s simple and easy to open and store your keys.


Ornamental Design

DFLEKT has been designed to sit harmoniously alongside your other household ornaments. It is beautifully designed and along with the various styles to be released it can suit any household.

Showcase of Styles


Dflekt will come in a variety of styles.

Police Preferred Specification

Secured by Design

The DFLEKT prototype has been 3rd party tested by an approved UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) business. DFLEKT passed and subsequently was approved by Secured By Design. This means DFLEKT is a fully Police endorsed product and is recommended by the Police as an approved  crime prevention product.

"The Dflekt RFID Decorative Wooden Key Box is an ideal product to store your keyless car keys and credit cards in, due to its design you can fit your items in much better as there is more space which the RFID pouches sometimes lack. It comes in a lovely design with different finishes blending in with most household decor and is not out of place sitting on a sideboard or table. This is another exciting product that we have within Secured by Design".
Hazel Goss MBE
Police Crime Prevention Initiatives

How to Purchase

More information is coming soon as to where you can pledge to receive your Dflekt as well as accessing our referral offers and incentives.

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